Rustico x ShipKey

Rustico’s quality capitilizes on ShipKey capabilities

Saved in Labor
Avg. Label Savings per Month
Reduction in Order Cycle Time


Rustico is rooted in the goals to bring back American craftsmanship, and the importance of friendships and family. Since its beginning in 2001, Rustico has specialized in and created an impressive array of handmade, premium leather goods and accessories that are made to last. All goods are handcrafted at Rustico’s workshop in Lindon, Utah, by a tight-knit family of artists that inspire through their pieces, and encourage their customers to “make their mark”. Last quarter, 10,000 of those customers ordered Rustico products which will last them a lifetime.

Lagging in Shipping…

Using a mixture of different shipping softwares to try to isolate advantages of each, Rustico still saw problems. These problems included “shipping fee visibility and package selection…lag of selections and processes in the shipping software, and complexity of software suite and selections,” says Jake Harken, Director of eCommerce and Supply Chain Operations. Shipping software was falling behind in a company whose standards were high-quality, and causing a loss of time and potential savings.

ShipKey was the solution.

“Some of the most obvious advantages of using ShipKey are simple tag assignment, automation for package type and carrier, carrier rate rules, ship options by cost to days-to-delivery, and a lag-free software experience.”

Jake Harken
Director of eCommerce and Supply Chain Operations

Premium products require premium shipping software.

Rustico’s high-quality products deserved a better solution to the complexities, lagging and lack of visibility in its shipping software. ShipKey provides the automatic shipping updates, solutions, speed and efficiency Rustico was looking for. By switching to ShipKey, Rustico has been able to save an average of $2076.02 per month and a quoted average shipping rate of $7.83 from $9.89. In addition , Rustico’s fulfillment team has saved an average of 40 hours per week, or 160 hours per month.

Without ShipKey

  • Avg Quoted Rate: $9.89
  • Avg Days to Ship: 2.1 days
  • Lagging software
  • Complex/hard to understand software
  • Lack of shipping fee and package visibility

With ShipKey

  • Avg Quoted Rate: $7.83
  • Avg Days to Ship: 1 day
  • Labor Savings: $2076.02 (avg per month)
  • Hours Saved: 160 per month/40 hours per week
  • Easy-to-use, fast software and functions
  • Visibility on the best rates and delivery options

Shipping solutions for when you need them most

By switching to ShipKey, Rustico saw an array of advantages in saving time and money. They were able to focus on making and delivering their premium products to customers, without worrying about lags or complexities in the shipping process. ShipKey gives customers the ability to ship in the most efficient way possible.

To others who may be thinking about trying out ShipKey, Jake says that it’s “ease of use, automations of routine processes, speed of software functions, and easy visibility on best rate[s] [and] earliest delivery options,” are features to consider.

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