Powered By Fulfillment x ShipKey

ShipKey + Powered by Fulfillment = Speed and Efficiency


Powered by Fulfillment is a 3PL that specializes in high-volume fulfillment, based in Southern California. With over 10 years of experience in ecommerce and logistics, and a primary focus on being as quick and efficient as possible, customers can trust Powered by Fulfillment with all their fulfillment needs. From its start during the Covid pandemic, Powered by Fulfillment grew exponentially. Starting in a 5,000 square foot warehouse, and now have expanded to 140,000 square feet of warehouse space, all within a year and a half.

A lot of customers, a lot of shipping, a lot of labels

Customers were coming to Powered By Fulfillment for help after being overcharged and their inventory thrown out by large warehouses making room for necessities. Gaining more and more customers and warehouse space, Powered by Fulfillment needed to find a software that matched their values of speed and efficiency, especially for high volume orders. Other software started to fall behind: “I mean, a lot of software options have similar capabilities but they take way longer to go through the process even when printing in batches,” says Caleb Lee, Founder of Powered by Fulfillment. They needed something faster.

“What I like most about Shipkey is how fast the platform is. I love it! Speed is one of the most significant selling points for our team and allows us to process hundreds and even thousands of labels so quickly. The time saving has made a big difference in our order processing, which differentiates the service we provide to our customers.”

Caleb Lee
Founder at Powered by Fulfillment

Accommodating merchants means having accommodating software

Powered by Fulfillment is focused on what they can do for their merchants. “The decision we make is really based [on] the merchant’s success and what they would be providing back to us,” says Caleb. That includes financial value, which is directly linked to both the speed and efficiency of the processes, including software.

“Every single time that we have to scan a product it takes 30 or 40 seconds. With ShipKey, we can get that down to 10 seconds or less. And that’s a big cost-savings for us,” says Caleb. He notes that “in terms of speed and efficiency, Shipkey is nailing it.”

A bright future ahead

Powered by Fulfillment has been expanding and growing every year since they began, and have no plans of slowing down. In the future, they are looking to serve more DTC merchants, centralize their software, and continue to provide the speed and efficiency their company values. ShipKey plans to be a part of all of their needs.

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