Sierra Stickers x ShipKey

Sierra Stickers emerges in the market with help from ShipKey


Based in Rancho Cordova, California, Sierra Stickers is a family-owned printing business that specializes in high-quality printed paper products and labels. The company began as a hobby in Sarah and Derek Alavarez’s garage, and has grown at impressive rates year-over-year. Sierra Stickers is continuing to grow, and ships packages from half a pound stickers, all the way to 15-20 pound labels.

Growth meant a need for easier access to shipping rates, and a better way to ship.

Before using ShipKey, Sierra Stickers tried a couple different softwares which each posed different problems. These problems included not automatically updating shipping addresses, and difficulty with figuring out shipping pricing. “There was a lot of manual work and updating and a lot of room for errors,” says Sarah, founder of Sierra Stickers, “and that was a huge pain as you can imagine”. Even more problematic, because of the difficulty of calculating shipping rates, sometimes they would “settle for [a] rate and…never know that it could be cheaper.” Sierra Stickers needed to find better shipping rate visibility and send orders seamlessly through automatically addressing orders. ShipKey was able to help solve those problems. 

“The biggest advantage of using ShipKey is that the postage pricing is available for you within the platform. It’s all on one page, you can easily select your box and weight, and it will automatically update all the pricing correctly.”

Sarah Alvarez
Owner at Sierra Stickers

A loyal customer base means keeping up with orders, and reliability.

“ShipKey helped us to save time by automatically populating order information within the system and giving us the ability to quickly address and ship orders with correct order number, address, and name.” Sarah says. ShipKey helped to automatically add addresses to minimize errors and increase speed and efficiency.

“Almost half of my customers are repeat customers,” says Sarah, which means that having customers (and their order) already in the system makes it much faster for future orders to be shipped through ShipKey.

ShipKey is here for you and your business at any time.

“It’s really hard to find a company that’s actually available to help you,”says Sarah. “The ShipKey team answers the phone right away anytime I have questions. They are willing to walk me through solutions quickly and are super helpful.”

ShipKey makes sure to be there for you, just as you are there for your customer. We have a team willing and ready to answer any questions you have about our software.

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