Alternate Billing Party

Alternate Party Billing in ShipKey

Alternate Party Billing in ShipKey

Explore the flexibility of Alternate Party Billing with ShipKey. Choose who bears the shipping charges, be it a third party, the recipient, or collect. To access alternate billing party, please click “MORE OPTIONS” on the order page.

Types of Alternate Party Billing

1. Third Party Billing:

A separate entity (the third party) covers the shipping costs, rather than the sender or recipient.

2. Recipient Billing:

The recipient takes responsibility for the shipping charges through their carrier account.

3. Collect:

Shipping charges are collected from the recipient upon delivery, please check with your carrier representative to find out if your account qualifies for collect.

Setting Up Alternate Party Billing in ShipKey

1. Selecting the Billing Party:

2. Choosing Your Carrier:

Select between FedEx, UPS, and DHL from the carrier options.

3. Input Account Information:

Provide the account number for the chosen billing party. Additional details like postal code and country might be required.

Important Note

To use third party billing, ensure your ShipKey account is set up with your chosen carrier.

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