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Order Statuses

eHub Ship has four main order statuses: Unfulfilled, Fulfilled, On Hold and Canceled. Within the “Unfulfilled” status there are two sub statuses: Needs Review and Ready.

   – Needs Review
   – Ready
On Hold


Any order for which no label has been printed is kept in the unfulfilled status. The three below statuses are sub-statuses of Unfulfilled.

Needs Review

When a new order is imported to ShipKey it will automatically be set to the “Needs Review” status. The new order will remain in “Needs Review” until: either a label is purchased, or the receiver’s address is marked as valid AND the order is assigned a package, dimensions, and weight. After those qualifications are met, the order is moved to the “Ready” sub-status.


An order matching the criteria outlined above will stay in the “Ready” status until a label is printed. (Note, this is different from the label being created. A printed label has either been sent to a printer or saved as a PDF.)

On Hold

The “On Hold” status is used to temporarily separate orders that are not yet ready for fulfillment. There are two ways an order can be placed on hold:

1. Unpaid Order: If the order payment status in your order store is unpaid, it may be automatically placed on hold.

2. Manual Change or Automation: A user can manually change the status to “On Hold,” or an automation rule can be set up to do this automatically.


A fulfilled order is an order for which a label has been created and printed.


A Canceled order is an order which has been canceled. This should also void the label and request a refund from the carrier.

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