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Order Statuses

Shipkey has three main order statuses: Unfulfilled, Fulfilled, and Canceled. Within the “Unfulfilled” status there are three sub statuses: Needs Review, Ready, and On hold.

   – Needs Review
   – Ready
   – On Hold


Any order for which no label has been printed is kept in the unfulfilled status. The three below statuses are sub-statuses of Unfulfilled.

Needs Review

When a new order is imported to ShipKey it will automatically be set to the “Needs Review” status. The new order will remain in “Needs Review” until: either a label is purchased, or the receiver’s address is marked as valid AND the order is assigned a package, dimensions, and weight. After those qualifications are met, the order is moved to the “Ready” sub-status.


An order matching the criteria outlined above will stay in the “Ready” status until a label is printed. (Note, this is different from the label being created. A printed label has either been sent to a printer or saved as a PDF.)

On Hold

On Hold is a status meant to hold and separate orders which are not ready to be fulfilled in the system until they are ready to be fulfilled. There are no preset automations to put orders on hold. See the rules article on how to set up automations.


A fulfilled order is an order for which a label has been created and printed.


A Canceled order is an order which has been canceled. This should also void the label and request a refund from the carrier.

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