Ship Multiple Orders at Once

This article will guide you through the steps and required information needed to create multiple shipping labels at once.:

  1. 1. Select the orders you want to create labels for and click . It may be helpful to search for orders that will use the same size or type of package and use the same rate shop rules.
  2. 2. Exclude any unwanted SKUs. If an order contains only the excluded SKU, it will not be shipped. Excluded SKUs will also remain as partially shipped orders.
  3. 3. Adjust package details, order weights, and rate shop rules as necessary.
  4. 4. Click on “Calculate Shipping Rates”.
  5. 5. Check package details to ensure accuracy, unwanted labels can be removed from tbe batch by clicking the.
  6. 6. Click “Buy Labels”.
  7. . Print your labels.
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