Adding a Shopify Order Store in the eHub Portal

  1. Log in to the eHub Portal: Visit the eHub Portal:
  2. Access Settings: In the left-hand side menu, click on Settings.
  3. Select Stores: Click on Stores.
  4. Create a New Order Store: Click on New Order Store.
  5. Name Your Store: Enter a descriptive name for your store.
  6. Choose Service: Click the Service drop-down menu and select **Shopify**.
  7. Enter Identifier: Add the Identifier. This is your Shopify store name, located in the URL after “https://” and before “”. Exclude “” and include only the text preceding it.
  8. Authorize Connection: Click Authorize.
  9. Log in to Shopify (if needed): You might be redirected to Shopify for login if you’re not already logged in.
  10. Install eHub App (No Download): Click the button that says **Download App**. This doesn’t download anything but installs the eHub app in your Shopify store.
  11. Sync with eHub Ship: Go to eHub Ship Settings: Navigate to Settings > Stores. Click “Sync” and your new store should appear.
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