Rate Shop Rules

Ehub offers a sophisticated rate shop that can be applied to orders using automations. The rate shop rules can be configured as follows:

  • Name: Use the name field to differentiate each rate shop rule from the others.
  • Max Delivery Days: Choose the maximum number of delivery days to filter the services chosen below based on the delivery time calculated by the carrier at the time of quoting. Any service with an estimated delivery date longer than the selected maximum will be excluded from the rate shop.
  • Shipping Services: Type in the shipping services drop-down menu to find and select the desired services to be rate shopped for the current rule. Note that ShipKey does not provide access to all services available in this drop-down menu. Please talk with your sales representative about adding additional services.

By setting up rate shop rules, you can automate the process of selecting the most cost-effective shipping option for each order. This can save time and money, while improving the overall efficiency of your shipping process.

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