Store Settings

Store settings are used to configure a variety of things, including when you receive and send order updates, email notification settings, and logos.

Firstly, you can set the name of the store as it appears in ShipKey.

Secondly, you can set how often to receive order updates from the store. When checking for order updates, we check for new orders and also check existing orders for updates.

Thirdly, you can configure notification settings by choosing whether we send order updates to just the store or both the store and the buyer.

Next, decide when you want ShipKey to send notifications. The explanations for each option are as follows:

Manual: ShipKey will send notifications to the store and buyer only after the ‘send order updates’ button has been clicked.

Minutes: ShipKey will send notifications as soon as possible, usually this happens in under a minute.

x Hours or First tracking event: ShipKey sends the notification after x hours or after the carrier acknowledges the first tracking event, whichever comes first. This allows the buyer to see real shipping progress when they receive and open the notification email.

The next two options are only available if notifications are set to be sent to both the store and the buyer.

1. You can configure buyer notification emails for all shipments or only for CSV uploads associated with the store.

2. Change the ‘send from’ email address. To prevent emails from being caught in spam filters, whatever is entered in this field will end with [email protected].

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