Label Settings

To begin, decide how you would like to access the labels created in ShipKey. Here are your options:

Label Options Screenshot

  • Browser: This will open a print window in your browser where you can select a printer, among other options. If you choose the browser option, also specify the paper size.
  • Download: This will download a PDF of the label. If you choose the download option, please also select a paper size.
  • QZ Tray: This enables direct printing from a printer, reducing clicks and saving time. If you’re using QZ Tray, you need to download the QZ Tray software from the QZ Tray tab. After it’s downloaded, you can configure the printer options either from the QZ Tray tab or the documents tab. If you choose QZ Tray, select the label format type. ZPL is for Zebra printers, whereas PDF is for other label printers or for letter-sized paper (8.5” x 11”).
  • Ask: This option will prompt you to choose from the above options every time you print a label.

Next, decide what types of additional documents should be printed whenever you create a label. If the “Packing Slip” is selected, a packing slip will be printed with every label. If “Commercial Invoice” is selected, an invoice will be printed for each international label created.

Additional Documents Screenshot

Lastly, the option to toggle on and off “One-Click Buy & Print” is available. When “One-Click Buy & Print” is enabled, a label will be printed as soon as it is purchased.

One-Click Buy & Print Screenshot

Don’t forget to save your changes!

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