Picklists function as condensed packing slips designed to help you gather the necessary items to fulfill selected orders efficiently. You can create a picklist by selecting two or more orders, clicking the chevron, and choosing “Picklist”.

Picklists are designed to be printed on 8.5″x11″ paper. The available options for configuring picklists are as follows:

Label Options Screenshot

  • Browser: This option opens a print window in your browser, allowing you to select a printer, among other options.
  • Download: This option enables you to download a PDF version of the picklist.
  • QZ Tray: This option facilitates direct printing from a printer, enhancing efficiency by reducing the number of required steps. If you opt to use QZ Tray, you’ll need to download the QZ Tray software from the QZ Tray tab. Once it’s downloaded, you can configure your printer options from either the QZ Tray tab or the documents tab. If you opt for QZ Tray, you’ll need to select the label format type. ZPL is for Zebra printers.
  • Ask: This option prompts you to choose from the above options each time you print a label.

Remember to save your changes to secure your preferences!

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