Send Order Updates to a Store

Sending Order Updates to Stores in eHub Ship

Similar to order importing, there are two ways to send order updates to a store: manually and automatically.

Sending Manual Updates

To update order information manually, navigate to Settings > Stores > Orders to Rename. Under “SEND ORDER STORE UPDATES AFTER,” select “Manual”.

After an order is fulfilled, it will be marked with a special symbol indicating that order updates haven’t been sent to the store yet.

Click the order you want to send the update for. Inside the order details, you’ll see the same symbol. Hover your cursor over the symbol, and a box will appear that says “SEND UPDATES NOW”.

Once the order information is successfully updated for the store, the icon will change to indicate a successful update.

Sending Automatic Updates

To configure automatic updates, go to Settings > Stores > [store name]. Under “SEND ORDER STORE UPDATES AFTER,” select “Minutes” or “X Hours or First Tracking Event”.

If “Minutes” is chosen, the order update will be sent to the store as soon as possible after the order is fulfilled.

The “X Hours or First Tracking Event” option delays sending order updates for the selected duration. This delay might be useful to prevent customers from receiving shipping information too soon (e.g., before the carrier receives the package). This can potentially reduce customer service inquiries related to shipment status.

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