Using Order Tags in eHub Ship

Order tags are labels that are applied to individual orders to help classify and identify them. For example, an order tag could be used to indicate the type of customer, the shipping method, or the priority level. This makes it easier to filter and search for orders based on specific criteria.

By using both order and item tags, eHub Ship can provide a more detailed and organized view of your shipping operations, making it easier to manage and analyze your data.

Adding a tag is a simple process. Go to Settings > Tags, and click on the “+ NEW TAG” button.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to give your new tag a name and add a descriptive text. You also have the option to assign a color to your tag. You can select a color from the dropdown menu, or enter a hex color code for even more customization.

To add a tag to a product in your inventory settings, simply follow these steps:

  1. 1. Navigate to your inventory settings.
  2. 2. Select the product you wish to tag.
  3. 3. Add the desired tag to the product.

Please note that any order containing a product with the same SKU will also be marked with the same tag.

Additionally, tags can be added to orders using automations. To learn more about automations and how to use them to add tags to your orders, please visit our dedicated article on automations.

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